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Online Wheel /tire Dealer?


Full Member
Mar 9, 2003
Charlotte NC
I am looking for an online wheel/tire dealer. I have checked out ebay and they are few and far between. All my local tire shops are around $2800 for 20's and that seem high :eek:. Anyone got the hook up? :cool:
Dave02Z66 said:
avalanche_crazy try Tire Rack Tire Rack dot com
They seem to have a pretty extensive array of tires and wheels. Good luck
They also have pretty good prices, its the shipping that gets pricy, but my local NTB couldnt even come close to meeting the tire prices on Tire Rack
TireRack is a very good place to buy from. Bought some Goodyear Wrangler MT/R's for $172 a tire! Local store charges about $228 a tire! I will certainly do buisness with these guys again in the future. (y)
I bought my wheels and tires online from 4wheelparts.