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Onstar navigation worth it?


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Sep 14, 2006
Morrow, Ohio
I'm completely NOT familiar with the Onstar system.  I know, shame on me.  However I was thinking of getting with the game and buying some minutes for the phone.  I understand the Onstar comes with available navigation.  Can anybody tell me if it iw worth it?

The safe and sound package is OK... it provides some peace of mind. 
We've used it on occasion... she locked her keys in once and I love the diagnostics reports they send each month.....You have to activate ON STAR to use phone minutes.

Their phone minute packages are about 30 cents per minute... too high  but I keep a hundred or so just in case  I don't buy a lot because I only use them when and if I'm on a trip or in limited range...

I always thought they were satellite but they just buy cell phone minutes from towers (I think)  someone might clarify that... I've found places with no service...

Here's the breakdown from their web site:
100  (Exclusive Offer)
$39.99  12 Months  30 
$13.99 12 Months  300 
$114.99 12 Months  500 
$174.99 12 Months  1000 
$299.99 12 Months

the nav and conciser services 26.90 per month... they'll make reservations for you, call a cab if you're inebriated, do turn by turn etc... I'll put that on the Mrs truck although she'll probably never use it... only me..

  Safe & Sound Directions & Connections
Services $16.95/month*  $199/year*
                                                                  $26.90/month*    $299/year*

Renew for 2 years and receive 3 additional months of service.
On Star Vehicle Diagnostics1 ?                                ?
On Star Turn-by-Turn Navigation2  ?
Automatic Notification of Air Bag Deployment ?      ?
Emergency Services ?                                              ?
Stolen Vehicle Location Assistance ?                      ?
Remote Door Unlock3 ?                                          ?
Access to Hands-Free Calling4 ?                            ?
Roadside Assistance ?                                            ?
AccidentAssist ?                                                      ? 
Remote Horn and Lights ?                                      ?
Virtual Advisor5 ?                                                    ?
Driving Directions  ? 
RideAssist  ?
Information/ Convenience Services  ?

hope this helps

I've used my On*star multiple times since I've owned my AV. Mostly I used it to call help for others that have been involved in accidents. I've used the calling system, ever since I picked it up from the dealer, and I used the directions a number of times. It's definitely a nice system to have.