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Onstar Turns On By Itself


SM 2003
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Oct 20, 2002
Apple Valley, CA
So I'm driving along in my 03 2500, and when I'm playing the the 3rd cd in the tray, Onstar will dial up all by itself. When the operator answers, they can't hear me. After a few seconds of the operator saying 'hello', they hang up. Then about five minutes later it happens again. If I'm playing any other cd, it won't happen. If I initiate the onstar call, they can hear me. Has this ridiculous situation happened to anyone else???? Gotta be gremlins....
Actually this has happened several times to me as well! I'm driving along listening to the radio and then out of nowhere, the music goes dead and I hear my truck phoning OnStar! :eek: Never got an operator though, the music would always come back soon. I have to remember to take the AV into the dealership to get it checked out.. Guess my AV just wants to reach out and touch someone ;)
Just curious....do both of you still utilize your AC Delco headunit or are you going with aftermarket?.... :B:
Howdy gang!
Yes, my Onstar started dialing up, I shut it off, and it dialed up again. It has only happened once but it dialed 3 times in a row. I was using my own cell phone at the time. Kind of spooky.

Happy riding! :love: :B: :love:
Howdy again,
Forgot to add....We still have the original HU but we did bypass what is considered the "amplifier."

Working on complete set of new speakers and new amp but still in progress.

:love: :B: :love:

My 2002 2500 Av will dial up itself 4 or 5 times in a row, and then it will be ok for the next few weeks. Dealer says you are the first one we have heard of. Also, in the middle of the night, the horn alarm will start blowing by itself. It also stops by itself after 20 or so beeps.