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Oooops......did I Do That?


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Jul 1, 2002
Columbia, SC
When I bought my AV, I asked my salesman how sturdy those front lights were. After all they look like glass and a rock would screw em up big time. Well he balled up his fist and whacked it good. Then stated these babies are nearly indistructable. I was impressed! :D

Yesterday somebody said the same thing to me in the parking lot of where I work. Well, to make a long story short, I balled up my fist shouting " These things are......" :eek:

To my amazement I smashed the blinker assembly light and had to buy a new one. That was a $50 mistake I won't make again. :C:
Come on guys, lets get together and put an end to violence against trucks.

Don't make Goo host a live internet telethon to raise funds to stop violence against trucks!


Skidd said:
Wiki, without wanting to make a personal observation... I would just say that was very 'Homer Simpson esk' of you. ?:eek:

DOH!!! ?:7:

Wiki bows
I know I know. I do the AV bashing show on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Cost for admision is $50.

I felt like a jack@ss when I did it but looking back at it ....its kinda funny!

mmdavidw said:
Come on guys, lets get together and put an end to violence against trucks.

Don't make Goo host a live internet telethon to raise funds to stop violence against trucks!



Would the Hooters :eek: girls be on the telethon?


Jesus Wiki
What the heck did you eat that day before you did that,
do not feel bad Wiki we are entitled to do something like that when we are growing up.
Wasn't there a story earlier about someone showing off his truck to a babe in the parking lot? She asked about the cladding, and to show how durable it was he took his keys and stabbed it a bunch of times and said something like "how about that?" When he looked, there was a series of white dents... :-[

The moral of the story: look before you leap... make sure it'll work before you do it in public!

Oh, wait a minute... Ummm.... you said the dealer had done it for you already. I guess you did make sure it'll work before you did it in public.


Then I guess the moral of the story is: D'oh! :2:

-- SS
darn here i though i had a chance to sell some parts i got... well i broke the fog light arms that hold them and i had to buy 2 new fog lights to get the arms... i saw broke.. and lights in the same line, but nooo you gotta break a corner light... can't you got kick some thing? >:D

Hmm..considering I hate to see flies land on my AV...that one had to hurt... :B:
You know I can see a new club award here, something along the lines of the "DOH Award" to be awarded annually for the most unthinking act.

Ladies and Gentlemen the nominees are....

Hey Wiki,

Did you hit the same light that the salesman hit? Maybe he weakened it and you can get it covered under warranty >:D

Anger management may be required here if you hitting on your avy..... >:D
It could have been worse. You could have had a co-worker call 911 as you lay there with your fist bleeding out of control. Somebody hand me a torniquette please....

The new blinker assembly is in and looks better than the gapping hole. Now I am looking at my blinker assembly and there are some horizontal raised black lines in the design. I am going to maybe dremel them out and place a NEON light behind them to see what it looks like with Neon slashes emitting from the front of the headlights.

Don't let Goo see this

If it looks good I will do it to my existing blinker assembly and post some pics.

Note to self, "Don't hit Avalanche. "
WesTexAVY said:

Sorry Wiki, I couldn't resist ?>:D ?>:D
How did you know what side I hit. That is the exact side but up just a bit!!

Im not that bald yet. But my belly......well......im not that bald yet!!