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oops, don't do this while cleaning!!


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Feb 24, 2007
Maple Valley, Wa.
I was trying to wipe behind my 'new, super nice 2nd owner purchase' sail panel windows that I bought from DanV (y).?

The truck was hot from the sun and I guess I ate to many Wheaties this morning, so I got this....

Any body looking to buy 1 and 3/4 sail panel windows? :E: :E:? I will get you a sweet price.? oh well, they looked cool for the couple of days that I had them installed.? Make that 6 days total.


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    broken sail window.JPG
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Those things are notorious for cracking and breaking.  I know a couple of people that have been through several and finally gave up.  Ask for your money back.
oh no money back, they where in great shape when I bought them from DanV.  it was all me.  it was a private sale, not from a company.  it was my bad.
I have had my sail windows forever it seems..The only thing is once in a while I will get some fibers from a towel in the cracks while wiping down the truck, never broke one yet  :D
yeah, I was a knucklhead and tried to adjust them too, I should have left them alone and not messed with them.  They where so new to me that I did even get to add them to the sig mod list :E: