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Opinions wanted on new Avy purchase


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Feb 14, 2007
Meadowlands, NJ
I've pretty much settled back on a new Avalanche after looking at a couple of pickups while waiting for the '08 info to be released. The Avy seems to fit all my needs best, and I've been looking at them for about 2 months now. I originally wanted a Z71, but now decided I want the Deep Blue Metallic more than the Z71 items, and the woodgrain in the LTZ is starting to grow on me. Since I now have the option of the 6.0L because I'm not limited by the Z71, I'm thinking about it. I like the FlexFuel option and better MPG of the 5.3, but I won't be putting enough miles on the truck for it to make that much of a difference, and E85 isn't readily available in NJ just yet (though I plan on keeping the truck for a long time). I do, however, want to put bigger tires and a lift on it.

I also want a Nav/Cam system, but I'm kinda preferring the aftermarket systems w/ Bluetooth and MP3 support. I also partial to the tube-style steps, and would most likely get them regardless of what comes on the truck (even the power boards). I have no need for the Rear Ent. System (no kids), but it may be kind of cool for tailgating w/ the midgate opened up.  >:D

OK, so here's my dilema. Based on what seems to be available in my area, I can do one of the following:
1) Order an '08 6.0L LTZ w/ Sunroof for ~$43k Supplier Price, take delivery in Aug(?)

2) Order an '08 5.3 w/ 4.10s and Sunroof for ~$41,500 (?) Supplier Price, take delivery in Aug(?)

3) There's a 5.3L w/ 4.10s LTZ w/ Sunroof I'm eyeing in local dealer's inventory, but incl. some options I'm not sure I want (Power Steps & Nav/Cam). Supplier price is $43,900 and there's $2k in current incentives for a price of $41,900. However, I think it's an 'early model' LTZ, w/o the chrome grill, mirrors and handles, which I like, so tack on another $500 for a grand total of $42,500. Take delivery immediately. (Maybe sell the power boards and factory Nav for ~2k?)

4) One dealer did find a 6.0L LTZ in my choice of colors, but it's loaded out (Power Steps, Nav/Cam, Rear-Seat Ent. - Supplier Price ~$46k, -$2k incentives, only ~$1k more than the bare '08 w/o any incentives), but it's half way across the country, so I would have to pay to have it shipped in ($600-750, probably) if the dealer out there was willing to do it. However, by the time it gets here, there may be a few bucks more in incentives (crosses fingers)... A little more than I was willing to pay, but the truck is loaded!

I'm willing to wait, but at the same time, it would be nice to have a new truck for the summer (modding weather!).

I typed this up more to straingten out my thoughts, but what do you guys think?

My opinion is........

be patient, dont get (settle) for something you want or need.  Order the 08 with "Exactly" what your looking for.

Just my .02
Tango Chaser said:
My opinion is........

be patient, dont get (settle) for something you want or need.  Order the 08 with "Exactly" what your looking for.

Just my .02
I agree, make that .04

Looks like it's either wait for the loaded one to be shipped or wait for a truck that is made to your specs.,
this late in the season, you might as well get one with 08 on the title anyway.
If those are the ONLY 2 that will meet your needs I would order.  If not I would wait until July 4.  GM always discounts max then.  Lots are loaded with 3LTs and LTZs around here.  I would think a $4k discount plus GM supplier could be had then...saving you a ton.
Hmmm...maybe I can collect $.02 from everyone here, and...oh, nevermind... :p

Yeah, that's probably what I'm going to do (wait on the '0:cool:, and just order a 'base' LTZ, or maybe even a LT3/6.0L combo if that works out to be more economical (I really don't want the 20s, either). Then I'm not paying for anything I don't want, and can add exactly what I want to.

Thanks for the reality check!

Sam98ws6 - I see that you have 2 Avy's w/ the 4.10s. Where are you? Because around here in NJ, 4.10s seem to be few and far between on the lots, and for some reason, so does the Deep Blue, so finding that particular combo is almost impossible. My dealer ordered in a Z71 w/ 4.10s, and it was gone in a week, and 2 others that I've come across locally turned out to be Southern Comfort conversions.
OK, I'll be different.  I'd vote for option 3.  The price with incentives is good, and it's got everything you're looking for + more, right?  Except the 6.0, but with the 4.10 it might not be a big deal.  I would have taken the 5.3/4.10 if one was available.    The 6.0 is an extra $1k, and gets slightly worse MPG, and no E85, so although more power is always good it comes at a price.  And there is something for having the truck now, right? 
I'm in the same boat you're in....sort of.  I know what I want and would prefer to get it now, but there were a total of 3 4x4 goldmist LT3's in a 4 state region and my dealer hasn't been able to negiotiate a switch so far.

There are a few more with all the bell's and whistles, but I don't want a $47K truck.  I also want a NAV/camera system, but for $2500 I can get top of the line aftermarket stuff. 

My dealer told me he can still order me one???  I've heard on this forum they are no longer taking orders on the '07's.  Can anybody clear this up? 

I think I'm going to wait for the '08 if I can't find one in my price range, but if the incentives go up I'll go for it.  Why are there so few 4x4 goldmist av's?

I also thought that order-taking was closed for '07s, and the configurator on Chevy's site has been down for about a week (about the same time as the '08 Order Guides have been out). I'll have to call my dealer and see what's up.
I'd wait.. unless a killer deal came along that you'd be happy with...

We actually ordered one.. due 5/ 12 and ended up with a comparable truck....  different color and options... but saved 5G that made the deal worth while....

Keep your eyes and mind open... it'll happen
Whatever you decide, you can't go wrong with Blue! :love: (y)