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Orange Avalanche,Tuesday Eve, Greenpoint,NY


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May 23, 2002
Tuesday Eve around 8:30 to 9PM spotted what looked to be an Orange avalanche on Driggs and manhatten Ave. You had all the exterior mods talked about here. Painted clad to match, New Headlights,Billet fuel door. If you belong to the club give me a shout. That Thing was Beautiful.

motorman said:
hello, was that me, check out picture.

Motorman - what is up with you? You profile says you are from TX - Your post makes no sense unless you did a road trip to NY with your AV.

I have watched some of your other post and they don't make much sense either. The word that comes to mind is sophomoric.

Hey BOXAPIZZA i just saw your topic and that was my SOA ,never found any notes. I wanted to put some pics of my AV but my scanner died on me and i dont have a DIGITAL CAM