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Ordered New 20's


Full Member
Nov 14, 2002
Well I finally broke down and ordered 20's for my AV. I was able to get Discount Tire to price match Princeton Tire's price. >:D I bought American Racing Maxim's 20 inch with 305/50/20 Goodyear GTII's, chrome valve stems, new chrome lugs and locking lugs and finaly Discount Tire's tire warranty all for $1993.xx :B: Pretty sweet deal. Will pick up this thursday. Hope to have pics by friday. :rolleyes:

If anyone is interested, Princeton tire had about 15 different chrome 20's for 1800$ that included rims, tires lugs and locks and chrome stems. All very nice looking rims a lot of american racing styles and epic rims. They deal very good on price. If need a phone number let me know. They are located in Hamilton Ohio