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Our SEMA Project


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Sep 23, 2002
here is a little update on our Avalanche which we have been building for this years SEMA Show.

It is a North Face Edition

Rear Lockers, 4:10 gears, etc.

True Billet engine kit, billet bowtie, billet antenna, billet flame pedals, and billet grille

Con-ferr Roof Rack, Hella Lighting, WAAG front and Rear Bumper, WAAG Side Steps, WAAG Light Guards.

AMP Research Billet Gas Door

Magna Super Charger, Nology Plug Wires, Corsa Exhaust.

bullet Proof Suspension 12 inch suspension lift.
PMLi Differential Covers.
Weld mountain Crusher 17x10 Wheels powder Coated Clear.
17x37 SSr Super Swamper Tires.

DVD/TV/MP3 in dash player. 2 - 12 inch Fosgates ported into Cab. All Alpine Type R Highs & Mids.

I'll have more updates and pics coming soon for you guys....


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I would like to see photos of the midgate ports you are doing for the 12's. Some details on how you are doing it. >:D

Where did you get the DUB license plate? Why are you using it if you are going with 17's and a LIFT?

Str8Wicked - that sounds like a nice project you have.

Is WAAG making bumpers for the AV now? Several of us have talked with them and they always indicated they have plans for the AV, but no products are ready and they don't have a production date.

What state is your shop located in? I bet the AV owners in your state would love to have a cruise to your shop just to see this project.

When & where is the next SEMA?

Can't wait to see the progress of your project
November 5 - 8 in Las Vegas.


I need to find a way to use one of my connections to CRASH the show ;)

Well our shop is in Los Angeles, it is Lovecars.com

You can visit us on the web for updates on this vehicle.

The box is ported threw the midgate already and I will make sure to post some pictures as soon as I clean it up a bit and get it back into my hands.

As for the DUB license plate. I work for DUB Magazine when ever they hold a car show so that is why I run the plate.

As for the WAAG Bumpers, they have been making them for some time now. On Lovecars.com under project vehicles I list contacts.

It's different going up when your used to going down.. But just as fun or even more. lol



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