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Over-Fender Cladding Would've Prevented This!


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Jan 28, 2002
Larkspur, CO
Explain how you got those TIM?
ygmn said:
Explain how you got those TIM?
I took one for the club. Was working on the camping table idea, when one of the base supports slid across the face of my workbench and hit the front fender.

Over-fender cladding would've prevented the dimples, but as nh_mark so observantly identified in another thread (It Fits!), so would've parking in the driveway.

Suprisingly enough, I didn't get upset at all. I think all I said was, "Oh, shoot" and left it at that.;)
I have two dimples as well over my right front fender. Mine was a shopping cart hit and run at Wal-Mart! Just another reason to hate that store!! :B: