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PAC Adapter in 2003


Full Member
Feb 4, 2006
Halifax Nova Scotia
I just got a Pac adaper for my 03, the av has no DVD or XM so I got the AAIGM24.  Does anybody know if you plug both plugs into the radio or just the one?  I plugged in just the one plug to the radio and the other to the factory harness, hooked up and Sirius and SQUAT.  The only thing I have is static and there is now a permenant DVD light on my radio that won't go away.  PLEASE HELP.  Should I hook up the other harness plug into the back of my factory radio.
Thanks for the help, I actually got the adapter working now in my 2003, however I can't get the DVD light off on my display?  Does my factory unit even have DVD capability?  thanks
It is my understanding that the PAC adapter uses the same channel that the Stock DVD systems use. When the adapter is hooked up, the head unit thinks it is the stock DVD audio channel. 

So to answer your question, yes and no.  Yes it would have the capabilities of playing the audio section of the DVD, if you had a DVD player, but not the video.