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Paint Sealant?????


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Jun 21, 2002
Tell City,IN.
I just purchased my new AV last week and when doing the final paperwork at the dealer,I was asked if I wanted to go ahead and purchase the paint sealant protection. I asked how much and what it involved and here is what I was told:" The price to a new owner is lower than say a person off the street,We normally charge $489 but to you sir the cost is only $289 if you elect to go ahead and have it done within the next week. I am not familair with what it all involves,our shop takes care of that and they have already left for the evening" Well I did not elect to take advantage or their"special offer". Probably just a wax job anyway! I have already Zaino'd my AV twice since my purchase and that is probably better than any "sealant" that they put on it! Have any of you all ever heard of this or was this just another dealer scam to try to get more money?
I had a 1992 Bonneville...it was my first dark colored car and I was a little afraid of the paint since my car before that faded (it was the GM paint process, later found to be a common problem at the time)
I fell for the paint process from a Ziebart dealer...Your paint will look like new and the yearly maintenance will be like having the car detailed...Haaaaa!
I am meticulous...I took better care prepping the car than they did!
I got my car back "detailed." I got "paint sealant" over bird droppings...OVER THE BIRD DROPPINGS!!!
Easy to see on a dark car...It did not last.
Ziebart did not stand behind their products and I WOULD NEVER DO THIS AGAIN.
I have a 'Vette and after being a lifelong Meguiar's fan...well...ZAINO Rocks!!!
YOU HAVE THE BEST PAINT PROTECTION ANY MONEY CAN BUY IMHO...Good for you not to fall for a dealer "scam!" :B: (y) ;D
I just done a search at google(thanks goo929)and i couldn't believe all the posts that were there on the "paint sealant scams". I am glad i didn't fall for it but it seems my brother in law is falling for it on his new z-71 silverado. I will tell him later today when i see him but he is bull headed and will think he has "one up on me" for getting the paint sealant and the fabric guard protection!!!! LOL
When I bought my Sierra new from a friend whose family were principals at a GM dealer. He told me not to purchase the dealer optioned fabric protection or paint sealant. He said the products were ok, but nothing that I couldn't do or have done myself for a lot less money. ?
Congradulations on the new Av :D ;D :cool: Don't buy this from the dealership. :8: Do it yourself and save a lot of money and be happier with the results. I did this for a dealership in my younger days. :6: I don't know if it's the same nowadays but, anything over $100 is way overpriced IMO. I did these things within a month of bringing my Av home and it only cost me about $25 and sometime.
I opted for the paint sealant on my Avalanche.
I had them put it on my 1999 Grand Prix GTP when I bought it new. I watched them do some of the work. Basically it is a Telfon sealant applied in a two step process. First they apply and buff out a cleaner that strips any dirt, waxes, oils, and oxidation on the paint. Next they apply and buff out a Teflon sealant.
My GTP still shines like new and beads up well after 4 years. I have never had to wax it. They recommend a new application after 5 years and then every 3 years there after. This car sits outside all year round and I live in upstate NY so it sees salt and snow. The application on the Avalanche does not look as good as the one on the GTP. But the GTP paint has always looked better than the paint job on the Av. The GTP is Bright Red and the Av is Victory Red. They give you the remainder of the two bottles after they are done for cleanup and touchup later on. After 1 year the Av paint still looks as it did when it came off the lot. I think I paid about $275 for the sealant.
If it is the same type of application I would recommend it.
I would agree with rockslide.
You can buy the two step teflon sealant for about $25. It is time consuming to apply because of the two step process so you are paying for several hours of labor if you let the dealer apply it.
One final comment.
I paid for the dealer to install it to save time and get the 5 year no-wax warranty. I haven't had to get it re-applied so I don't know how it would be bringing it back to the dealer under warranty.
Well,i just got back from checking out my brother-in-law's new truck out.He had the sealant done to it this morning.All i have to say is "What a waste of money".There were streaks all over it,(it's black) and it seamed to attrack the dust like there is no tomorrow. I helped him wash it to try to get the streaks out but when we started to dry it off,it streaked worse than ever.There was residue left in all the cracks and around all the emblems and decals too. While washing it,it didn't seem to repell the what like my zaino'd AV does and it liked to spot really quick. I realize it is black and how hard black is to take care of( I have owned several black vehicles including a 10 sec GN) but we did wash it in the shade but the spotting was terrible like it had no polish or wax on it at all. He is not satisfied at all and already asked me to help him zaino the truck this coming weekend. I got the last laugh when i was able to tell him "told ya so!". I am not putting him down for getting the sealant,we are always kidding around with each other like that,I just wanted others to be aware of what the out come could be like.Enough ranting on my part.
With the Black Z71 you might want to Zaino with Z5 It is used to remove swirls. I have used the Z5 on my black 2001 Monte Carlo then applied the Z1 & Z2 after. This combination seems to work well with black.

You know Teflon does nothing for paint, right???
DuPont says so...perhaps the other goodies in the sealant have done a good job but I still say, do it yourself! ;D
Dealership paint sealant = $$ for dealership

Zaino or klasse are a better sealant and much less $$$

Paint prep work is 90% of the work for a great looking truck.

I used to work in the "retail" Automobile business and I can assure you that the "paint sealant" applied is nothing more than snake oil and pure profit for the dealership! It costs them vertually nothing to apply because they already have the porters/detail personell to "clean up" a vehicle when it is sold. NEVER, NEVER, EVER buy it, you can always do better yourself or elsewhere. :B: