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Part Numbers


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Mar 27, 2002
Bybee, Virginia
Anybody know the part #s for the HD trailering pkg. I spoke with Dal at VanDevere's and he said there are 5 different hitches listed for the Av. What # comes on the AV standard? Anybody? ???
They only have one trailer package that I know of..................

Mellow Yellow said:
. . . . ?there are 5 different hitches listed for the Av.

Are you talking about the hitch itself that goes into the receiver? ?If so, the choices are probably related to the amount of drop to match up with your trailer . . easier to purchase at a hitch shop. ?

I agree with ygmn . . think the Av has one setup . . and it's standard on all trucks!
As I stated in my post, I called Dal at VanDevere's and he was unable to give me one part number, five were listed. Dal is a very knowledgeable parts guy, he told me there were five different part numbers listed. I was able to find the part #15083473 for the 02's on another Avalanche club site. I will talk to Dal again and see if its the same for the 03.
wrchism said:
I agree with ygmn . . think the Av has one setup . . and it's standard on all trucks!
It is standard for '02. However, starting with '03, the trailer hitch package is an option. :6:

And even if you order the hitch package on an '03, you still don't get the trailer brake plug and harness, that's another option. :rolleyes:

-- SS
'02 rule for more reaqsons now......... ;D
I see your point ygmn. The General knows he has a hit with the Av and is trying to wring all the profit he can from it. Hence all the changes for the 03 and another price increase in May :8:
Even though it's an option on the '03's, I only found one (Z71) of dozens that didn't have the tow package. I'd venture to guess that the frequency of finding one without the tow package is probably similar to finding one with a 4:10 rear axle...very rare.
all this talk of "part numbers" ... where can I find the part numbers of things?
I have the gm service manual on cd and it has no part numbers.
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With all the bad blood recently with ex-members, their site has the 02 Av parts manual online in Adobe PDF format. I would assume most of the numbers are still good. I don't want to post their url because I don't want to shot. I downloaded it, anyone who wants it send me an e-mail. You'll need Acrobat 4.0 or newer to read it.
colonelmotox said:
Please post if you find the same for the 2003 manual.

Check on Ebaymotors, they usually have the parts catalogs ripped out of crash books.

Agent M.