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Pedestrian Blind Spot


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Jan 10, 2002
Edmonds, WA
OK urban Av owners - have any of you experienced this. I've almost run over three pedestrians since I bought my Av :rolleyes: No, I'm not aiming for them but all three cases had something in common.

All three pedestrians were crossing from the passenger side. All three I would characterize as being short (only thing sticking up over the hood was the head). It appears to me that on a 45 degree angle from the A pillar, there is a pretty big blind spot. In all three cases I never saw the pedestrian until they were inches from the front (thankfully still to the side).

I'm trying to be even more careful (the last person was a real a-hole - I even stopped to apologize and they called me a freakin' moron - should have run the old coot ove :mad: ) but I'm wondering if I'm just a freakin' moron, or are pedestrians who are trying to race 6,000 pounds of steel and plastic across the street hard to see if they are approaching from the passenger side.