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PICS Of My AV With 10" Lift And 38" Tires


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Mar 17, 2003
Hope these go through. My AV is a 2002 2500 with 10" Whiplash suspension lift, 38" Swamper STS's and dual Flowmaster 40 series.

Now I need some serious performance mods. I HATE the ATC and wish I could shut it off all together. I tow a 30' Weekend Warrior with a 97 Jeep Wrangler and 2 quads (Raptor and Warrior) inside. I also carry a Polaris 500 Scrambler in bed while towing camper.
2nd try on the pics

I'll try just one this time


[attachment deleted by admin larger then 100KB]
that one went thru here's another

by the way, that's not me in front of the truck. It's my mechanic who did the lift

[attachment deleted by admin larger then 100KB]
last one I have

This is what happens when you try to drive through sand dunes with Automatic Traction Control.

How can I shut it OFF!!! Please!


[attachment deleted by admin larger then 100KB]
nice looks very nice. I have been fighting with myself how much lift i should do. I have been fighting with 10 and 6 inches just not sure which one still. I think the 10 is just to high but then again I love big tires. Then I think the 6 looks great but I don't think the tires are be enough. I can't make up my mind.
Awesome Mike! Super-lift, and still pushin' it till it gets stuck in the sand! My hero! Way to go. Expect some congratulatory comments by flynhigh soon. He'll probably also tell you you wouldn't have gotten stuck if you'd just given it more gas!


Hope to see you 'round.
Thats one sweet ride you got there! I'm thinking about putting a lift on mine but I know as soon as I do I'll want to trade it in for a 2004! :0:
It was to my knowledge that we do not have Traction Control. The funny thing is that everytime my tires start to spin they automatically stop on their own. I really feel there is some kind of Traction Control element built into the Avalanche.

I thought the ATC was only on the Z66 model.

The Z71 can come with anti slip in the rear diff - I wouldn't think this would cause your problem.

Auto 4WD on the Z71 shouldn't be a problem either.

Let us know - I am sure I am missing something here
I have a 10 Inch kit ordered for mine right now..I am shopping for tires.. any suggestions..I may only go 8 inches on the lift to start with because at 8 I wont have to replace the driveshaft..I see you are running Super Swampers...how do you like them??
38, thats one KEWL lookin toy you have built. I bet you can hear the gas suckin between the mods and that trailer, whew!

Those TRXS tires, how do you like them? Hows the ride? Are they louder or noiser than something like a regular gumbo mudder? Can you tell about treadwear yet?

Thumbs up,