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PIcs Of "problems From Day One"


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Nov 16, 2002
New Britain, CT
Here are several pics of my antifreeze leak. I decided to take some pics of my probelsm just to be safe.

This weekend when i looked at my oil, i noticed there was debris on the dipstick, so i took pics of the dipstick and the paper with the crud on it.

[attachment deleted by admin larger then 100KB]
last pic of crud on rag. Oil was changed about 2500 miles earlier and i used mobile one.

[attachment deleted by admin larger then 100KB]
It doesnt look all that bad, the anitfreeze looks like its coming from the pipe plug in the head. If you were so inclined, you could pull it out and put some teflon thread sealer or RTV silicone on it and you should be all set. As far as the stuff on the dipstick, what was it? was it soft and sludge like or hard? It doesnt look like anything too serious. I would change the oil again just to be safe.

Pictures are very hard to see - is the coolant on the top of the intake - it looks old (like it has been there a while) are you having to add coolant or is is leaking onto the ground or is it just a small puddle there in the pic? It may have been a spill or seepage around a hose clamp or gasket that has stopped, as the coolant looks like it has been heated on the engine enough to coagulate (doesnt look fresh). As far as the oil goes the oil on the dipstick looks OK from the pic (very hard to see) and I cant tell about the little black spot on the rag - is it carbon maybe (does it crush to powder when pressed between your fingers or is it solid? Is it metal? does it stick to a magnet? If it is soft and crushes to powder it is most likely carbon from the engine (normal deposit as long as it is a small amount) or dirt that may have fallen in around the oil filler or even come from a dirty funnel perhaps.
As far as the coolant leak goes, the dealership just cleaned that area on wed, it was spotless,but today sat, that is how it looks.