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Pioneer I-Pod Head Unit

big dog

Full Member
Jan 24, 2007
I was thinking of replacing my stock unit with one of the new Pioneer ones. By the time I buy the I-pod adapter and related stuff, I could just as well afford a whole new HU. Would I still be able to use Steering wheel controls for the Volumn, ect. like I have now?? I have an 07 without the NAV and no bose. Can anybody recommend a installation shop in the So. Cal area???
any other ideas would be appreciated too.
I doubt you'd be able to find the unit that would preserve all of the wheel button functionality. You can buy AAI-GM24 that would allow you to control external source AFTER you buy an optional adapter so that is as close as integrating everuthing with the steering wheel buttons.

I decided to go with lux upgrade and AAI-GM12 for aux input on mine