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Plasmaglow Color Changing Light Kit


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Apr 30, 2002
Red Deer, Alberta. Canada
I just installed Plasmaglow underbody LED lights here is some info!
"PlasmaGlow FUSION LED Under Car Kits bring under car lighting to a whole new level! Over 500 Digitally Controlled LEDs power this kit, and provide the ability to display any of SEVEN colors at the push of a button. Also included is the Digital Control Box that gives you the power to strobe, fade and even pulses your kit to the music in your car. Easy plug-in installation makes this kit a breeze to install! The PlasmaGlow standard 2 50" tubes and 2 38" tubes are less than one inch in diameter. Truly HUGE performance in a tiny package!"

I will add more pic's as I get time......I luv these lights!



I have never been a fan of neon lights on any vehicle, but those look cool and operate in such a unique manner (strobe, fade, pulse, etc) I may have to give them a second look. I can't wait until you post new pics.
How much? Easy to do? Where did you get them? They really do look good!
I was able to get them off Ebay for $205 + $15 to ship to Canada. But they have gone up in price u can also email phil@oznium.com and check out his price, or checkout his website http://www.oznium.com/ That is where I got alot of information from. I had a local install shop install my kit they charged me $150 CDN. Kit dosent seem to hard to install at all but I didnt have the time. When buying the kit u will have to make the cord longer for the back light or u can get ahold of Plasmaglow and they will send u out an extension. My installshop just made mine longer for me. I hope to have some more pictures to post shortly. Please feel free to ask me any other questions.
Finally, PICTURES! of them working. >:D
This may rekindle my fire. Now were on ebay?
I may need 2 sets, one for each side :cool:

Checking above link now :rolleyes:
Has there ever been a Group Buy on the Plasmaglow lights? How do we go about trying to get one set up? Is there someone in the CAFCNA structure who sets these things up and promotes them until there are enough buyers to make it work? I really like the looks of these lights. Most group buys I've seen seem to need about 20 buyers or something. Is there that much interest out there? ???
Yes, I emailed him the other day, but I haven't heard anything back. How did you bring the wires into the cab? Where did you put the controller,or is it loose? Thanks.
Here is where I have my Control box

I can pull it out a little (so I can adjust the music sensor)

The switch to turn them on and off is located just below my onstar buttons. I will take a pic of where the wires are run through the firewall and post.

Is this the same set (model) as leathers or is it a different one. Is it neon or LED.

Ok guys, If I can get 10 people I can get you the kits for $230 shipped anywhere in the U.S. or Canada.

The wires in the kits have been lengthed by 16feet, or 4 feet on each section. I have the older style kit so I'm not sure if you'll need an extra extension. But they are $5 shipped, and included in the price.

Here is some basic info on the kit:


Heres are videos of the kit:

(You may need DIVX Codec - http://www.divx.com/divx/)

(Put your player on REPEAT)

http://plasmaglow.com/scan2.avi ?
http://plasmaglow.com/fade.avi ?
http://plasmaglow.com/strobe.avi ?

I will take confirmation emails at Sales@CarModsUSA.com& ?questions at Help@CarModsUSA.com. As soon as I have at least 10 emails, I will accept payments. ?
The kit uses over 500 Red, Green, and Blue LEDs inside frosted tubes. This instantly mixes the colors before they leave the tube. The tubes shed enough light that you can aim them towards the other side of your AV if you want to. They are up to 3 times brighter than regular neon kits. As always this kit will have a Lifetime Guarantee!!! (even if one LED fails) ?
Thanks for all the interest ?
-Rob ?

NYCBlueZ71 said:
The kits have been lengthed by 16feet, or 4 feet on each section.
I'm assuming that it is the length of the wires to each tube that are lengthed, and not the visible "glowing" part of the tube. Correct?

Is that long enough to eliminate the need for the extension cable in the Av application?

-- SS
Hey Rob, this sounds great. Count me in for a set of PlasmaGlows in the CAFCNA group buy. These lights really make Leathers Av look verry verry cool! Thanks for all your help. :cool:
I've had these on my AV for over a month now and they r working great. One of my favorite setting is strobe with changing colors. I try to use this setting when I am parked but sometimes I use it while I am driving. I have had no problems with the local police so far.
Has anyone bought this set from ROB yet? I just e-mailed him to see if he still has the group buy.

If you did get this set from ROB how has it worked and how much did you pay to get it installed.

Thanks in advance.