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Plastic Cladding As Option In 2003?


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Jan 24, 2002
Houston, TX
Probably just a rumor, but ---

"Hey guys, I just got home from my local Chevy dealer. A friend of mine is the fleet manager there. He said that next years Avalanch is not going to have the plastic side mouldings standard. It is going to be an option. That is awesome news! I may look at the Avalanch as a viable option in my truck future. Without the plastic, it would look more like the Cadillac."

mjparnel - posted on PickupTrucks.com tonite! :eek:
I do not think they will look as good without the cladding.

I love cladding!
I would agee if the cladding was an option I would definitely go with it...hands down.
I would have to have the cladding. That is one of the things I really like aobut the truck... If it was molded in a darker grey, I would like it even better, but I would be happy with it the way it is.
color matching or two tone might look good but I would not want it painted.
I would like it a whole lot better if the cladding was black. If I had a choice I would keep my cladding

i agree, if the cladding were a bit darker, i would love it even more.

yet, i would still go with the cladding as an option; no more worries of dings, whew. ?now to find a cure for road chips ?:(
I love the cladding, but I too wouldn't mind if it was a darker gray or black, but still molded. I'm hoping some aftermarket guys come up with some sweet replacement panels that would allow you to play with color a little.
Oddly, one of the reasons I like it so much is because so many people can't stand it. :cool: