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Please Be Patient With Chief Avalanche Fan


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Jan 10, 2002
Edmonds, WA
Folks - I know some of you have sent me death threats in instant message and through e-mail. ?I'll state it for all to read:

I'm not ignoring you or anyone else!

I'm one guy - I have a wife, I have two kids, I have a real job, I have another company I run, and I've got my USAF stuff. ?Somewhere between all of that I work on the Avalanche website.

Some folks have picked up the obvious slack and I thank them profusely for this. ?I will be responding to e-mails, I will be responding to messages - just give me some time - and some time sadly on some issues very well may be a couple of weeks.

Remember I've got club logo decals coming in and CAFCNA Magazine I need to write - as well as championing the area cruise - so if I'm not addressing your particular CAFCNA concern it's not because I don't want your help, I'm not interested or I don't care. ?It's not on the radar today and it has to wait in line behind the other growing issues.

This is a great site and I'm so pleased with everyone here. ?I can't believe that after three plus months and almost 13,000 posts (wow!) that things remain as civil as they do. ?This is practically a flame free site - unheard of considering this is a wide open community.

Just please be patient with the Chief.

P.S. - Decals are in at the printers - I will be doing a pick up tomorrow and mail outs will begin on 4/29 (going to stuff envelopes on Sunday 4/2:cool:
I wouldn't worry Chief...I'm sure everyone knows you have a life outside of the website.....some things just take time to work out....Keep up the good work!! :)
No apologies needed! I think that most of us can identify with the need for more than 24 hours in a day! Life simply expands to fill 200% of avaliable time.

I concur with your assessment of the site - and feel fortunate to be part of this community!

Don't sweat the details too much Chief - we appreciate your hard work!

No threats here, and as you said we are a pretty civil group. We all want to help (well, most of us).

If you need help all you need to do is ask. There is an incredible skill base here and we are all together for a common cause. Give us some direction and get back.

I know sometimes it's harder to tell someone how to do it than to do it yourself, but if there is a way to carve out an area for assistance just say the word.

And don't mess up your priorities, you seem to have them straight.

I completely understand the time demands you're under too. Don't sweat it. Family comes first and everything else will get done in time.

I have to say, this is the best, most civil, useful, informative, collaborative, group/club I've ever belonged too! Everyone here has made it what it is today. It's nice to work with quality people.
I have to second (third?) all the above. I was a much better Av buyer because of the information here, and I'm now a happy and well informed owner ;D

Don't worry...it all gets done somehow. I will help if there's something I can do, I'm sure most other listers will lend a hand if asked.

What kind of thing can you "farm out"? You may get some volunteers ;D

Keep up the great work... :)
About farmng work out: you could borrow a few bodies this Saturday, say, around 8:30am? ;D I don't mind spending a few minutes stuffing envelopes.
Chief Avalanche Fan said:
I'm one guy - I have a wife, I have two kids, I have a real job, I have another company I run, and I've got my USAF stuff. ?Somewhere between all of that I work on the Avalanche website.
Forget all that! Lousy excuse if you ask me. All we're asking is that you accept a little more responsibility in supporting your board. Maybe you should learn to delegate some of the tasks you aren't capable of handling. Everyone's a web expert now days anyway.

By all means Chief, if you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen. After all, this site has become bigger than any one person. I don't know what the problem is, but sure hope it's rectified soon. Time for a change in leadership, I think.


P.S. Some of you may want to shoot me for posting this and before you do, please spell out the first letter of the first word in each sentence of the first two paragraphs (Yes, I'm ill).

We know or should know what it takes to run a website of this caliber by now. Keep up the good fight... we got your back man... and if we don't well we got our AV's ready for battle.

On the serious side--Take it anyway you can and count on our support for the rest. Glad to hear (and excited to know) the decals are a reality. Thanks again for everything! :cool:

No problemo and understand completely.

Take your time...Family is more important.
Success can be a hard taskmaster and family and life must come first - let us help where we can and reduce the burden :)
I know what you are talking about ..I have a wife 5 kids and a job with the US ARMY. so it is hard to do anything. But I will tell you what.. I find time to make sure my truck is clean and looks good... now I might not talk to the wife for weeks but the kids I play with and we eat together and I help with homework andgo to work from 530am to 520pm ,.. But I still find time to clean the truck and make sure the biggest part of my life looks great... ( Yes MY TRUCK).....lol

You have a great site, you do a great job, and we're all better off for it. No complaints and nothing but accolades here. 'nuf said.
Chief, ?Thanks for all you do manage to get done here. ?Honestly, if it weren't for this site I probably wouldn't have gotten my Av - I learned a lot of good things here! ?Who knows, I might driving a Lexus if my wife had her way!! ?(yuck!!!)

Even with all the good points Tim brought up, I'm sticking to your side on this one. (Sorry Tim!)

Looks like we have an amazing group here. ?Glad I'm part of it. ?Don't hesitate to ask if there's any particular skill set you're in need of to keep the place running.

No Worries Chief,

We are all pulled in many directions, I am very thankful that this site is even here for guys like me who are not natural Truck buffs.

Hey Chief, the only thing better than this site is the truck itself. I have seen many forums before on various other topics but none are as well laid out and as informative as this one. Don't apologize to us. We should be thanking you!!

Way to go!!
No doubt that this is the most informative, non flaming site that I have been too for automobiles. Man, I hate calling the AVY automobile!

Legend :cool:
With all you have going on, I'm suprised you have the time for the web site. Keep the priorities straight, though. We can help with the club stuff, but the famliy stuff, the work stuff, and the military stuff must come before the club.

That being said, you've done a great job here. I, like several others have said, spend way too much time here. Thanks for keeping us informed, and entertained.

As the father of a 4.5 year old and a 22 month old and a business owner that spends a lot of time on the road, I can relate and sympathize with you brother. I am glad that there is a place for fellow owners to discuss problems and our experiences with the vehicle.

Thank you for your efforts, I envy your dedication to the rest of us.
El JEFE!!! ;D

This is a GREAT :rolleyes: SITE!!!

Remember... It's the FOLKS that make the SITE, not the other way around!

You've pleased MOST of the people, MOST of the time! :eek:

Best regards, Gary
Definitely a great site for AV owners. I just wish I knew more local owners so we can rave and promote the site.

You're doing an excellent job! I've already got my AV club baseball cap, just waiting for the decal to complete my enthusiasm and support for the site.