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Please Welcome North Face-no more as our new Indiana Coordinator


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Sep 23, 2002
Emporia, Indiana
North Face-no more is now an official coordinator for Indiana. I say official because he was doing the job in the northern part of the state for a long while. I posted this announcement here in the Region III area because David has been to GTG's and helped coordinate GTG's in other states as well as Indiana!?

He along with his wife and family have hosted the 4th of July cookout at their home for the last two years and are planning it again this year. If you get a chance check his thread about this GTG in the Region III forum and welcome him as our new coordinator! David has attended many GTG's and has driven many miles to attend these GTG's. He always is willing to help and do what ever it takes to make the GTG's a success, he will make a great coordinator!

WELCOME NorthFace-no more!



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Congratulations David!

:welcome: to the wonderful world of CC.? I know your doing an awesome job over there in Indy.

See ya @ Dave & Busters and bring your T-Maxx.? :drive:
Congratulations. (y)
I know you (and EeyoreLuvv) made me and Toots feel so very welcome last summer when we came out for the trip around Lake Michigan.
We'll see you again in June, if not before. :wave:
Congrats.  It's volunteers like you who make the club great!  :love:

Welcome aboard and congratulations!!

Thanks again everyone.

It's all the members like you that make a coordinator's work easy.

Looking forward to a great year of GTGs and meeting new friends.