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Plugs and Wires

Canadian AV said:
What are the taylor thundervolt wires? Will I get more MPG?
They are a brand of wires tha a lot of folks use..  The wire is larger thereby allowing more spark, and may help with MPG..  It defeinetly CANT hurt..  That is for sure
I am also in the market for new wires and plugs. I am looking at the E3 Plugs and wire off e-bay. I want to complete this before my 2000 mile trip.

Taylor wires and NGK plugs here too. haven't noticed much of a difference in MPG cause I got my Flowmaster Super 40 put on at the same time and I haven't been able to keep my foot out of it since. LOVING the sound!!
I just did the Bosch +4 plugs and Taylor 10.4 wires  :D



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