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Polishing The Avalanche



I'm considering polishing my truck in the not so distant future. I Know that wax is a no no because they have been known to cause swirls, especially on dark paint. So I know to use polish instead. Zaino is on my mind for the entire ownership of my Av, I want to choose a brand and stick with it I have only washed my truck as of date and the day for detailing is drawing near. Has anyone with a black avalanche used a product and have gotten outstanding results?
I have a black Z71 & have used Zaino. Its the only product I will use. Goes on and comes off easy, no swirl marks or residue, and leaves a mirror like finish. Go with the Zaino, you will not be disappointed!.
Swirls are not from the wax but from the applicators, buffing towels and any dirt trapped in those. The biggest cause of swirls is improper washing techniques with dirty wash mitts or too harsh of brushes or mitts.

You can use any product. I prefer Zaino because it last a long time and is very easy to use plus it looks great.

There are other products and all work well if the paint preperation is done correctly. Remove any swirls prior to layering any wax or sealant down and your paint will look great for years to come.

Also try not to use cheap towels.

For proper detailing tips another forum I am a member of is http://autopia-carport.com/ForumIndex.htm

It is the best one out there.
Well said ygmn.

I Zaino'd my Av with 3 coats just this past weekend. Like ygmn said one of the major benefits of Zaino is its ease of application, and removal, and that it lasts a LONG time.

Carnuba based waxes melt and disappear from you car in about 3 weeks or so. Alot of them also contain abrasives to "polish" away scratches, so applying multiple coats does you no good, because you polish away your last coat.

Zaino contains no abrasives and therefore can be layered. The more layers the deeper the gloss looks.

http://www.thewaxtest.com had an excellent comparison between pretty much all the major waxes. Hopefully the site will be up soon again.

P21S (http://www.p21s.com) rated the best for shine and clarity.
Zaino (http://www.zainobros.com) rated second for shine and clarity

However, since PS21 is carnuba based it is gone in a few weeks, where as Zaino can last for up to 6 months.

Zaino smells AWESOME too.

If you have any other questions about Zaino, let them fly I'm sure us Zaino faithfulls would be glad to answer them.
Hey Big_Don, I watched the Meguiars car care clinic video. ?I have to get some of that Extra All Surface Cleaner for the Engine compartment. ?Couple of things cracked me up while watching the video. ?

They wash the car and scratch it up with a Sponge ?:eek: and then tell you to dry it with only 100% cotton towels. ?;D ?

The other funny was how they danced around how long a wax job will last.

Other than that a very good video. ?:D ?
carnuba waxes have a melting point around 185 F the temp of a dark truck say black or the blue will exceed this by a large margin. this cause the carnuba to evaporate and break down and come off with subsequent washes.

Another Polymer wax is Klasse and is very good as well.

Paint prep is the key to a good finish!!!

I know one of the waxtest guys and they are planing on having it up soon and do some real world testing on vehicles with side by side testing using two products on a car.

Greetings, Honorable List Members! Yes, one word, ZAINO! I've been a long time user of this fabulous product. I have used it on my street rods, and is was the only product I would even consider using on my Dodge Viper. I have a Black AV as well, and it certainly is the best. Just be sure to use the very best 100% cotton towels you can buy. JCPenny "Fieldcrest" towels are the best. Only use white, as the dyes can leave residue and cause other unsightly markings. Also, do not use fabric softener when washing them! Cheers!

J~ :rolleyes:TEXT
I prefer high quality micro fiber towels as they are softer and have more fibewrs per square inch to buff, polish and etc.

If you desire cotton towels also look for Charisma towels.
You guys are talking about using towels for drying. What about chamois or synthetic chamois? Do they scratch the finish?? ???
leather chamois may scratch due to the leather being old and cracked which will hide dirt ... synthetics are pretty good and do not scratch if used properly.

It will be the dirt you drag across the paint that will scratch the paint. I suggest blotting with a synthetic.

Or do as I do bust out the leaf blower and have fun blow drying your AVY. Then I follow up with my micro fiber towels. but you could then use a synthetic like the absorber etc.

After drying I use a quick detailer to bring out the shine and ensure I pick up any grime or water spots that may be left.

The avy is large and takes about 3 hours to properly wash the exterior including the tires, wheels, wheel wells, and bed.
Awsome response gentlemen, it appears Zaino will be on my shopping list. By the way, how long does it take for an order to arrive to your home? I live in So. California :cool:
about 5-7 caledar days.

I reccomend the following for first time users with lots of cash:

Z2 show car polish
Z5 car polish w/ swirl hiding abilities
Z6 Quick detailer
Z7 Car wash
Z10 Leather in a Bottle conditioner
z16 Tire gloss
ZFX instant cure accelarator

Also please read everything on the website ands if you have any questions e-mail the site...the owner (Sal) will respond within an hour. Also call him he has great customer service.
It would probably take a week to get something Ups Ground from New Jersey to CA. You best be is just call or email Sal Zaino and find out who your local distributor is. You can have the distributor send the stuff or go pick it up.

Check out the Zaino website and follow the steps on the Application page. The prep work is the MOST important part.

Wash the car with Dawn to make sure you remove all existing wax. Then rub your hand across the finish. If
it doesn't feel like a sheet of glass, you need to use a clay bar. Once the finish is clean Zaino away.

Also remember when using Zaino, put it on THIN. I can put 3 coats on my Av with less than an ounce of Z5, or Z2.

If you want to get the high quality towels for a low price go to: http://www.cannonoutlet.com They're the slightly irregular ones, but who cares, you're washing and drying your car with them.

to clay or not to clay?

Get a sndwich baggie and place your hand inside then glide your hand over the horizontal surfaces of your truck...if you feel bumps that is rail dust and other paint contaminates from the environment. You should use a clay bar if you feel these bumps to get a great shine!!!

I still recommend micro fiber towels...Try http://properautocare.com/index.html they also have nunches of other great stuff for washing etc. Another source for micro fibers is http://www.neatitems.com/default.htm they are almost as good as the ones from the previous link but less expensive.

Remember to remove any swirls first prior to applying any wax or sealant!!
I saw an Av on a local dealer's lot that had a paint sealant package added by the dealer. The sealant combined with VIN window etching was over $1000! What's up with that?
RIp off!!!

Paint sealant protection is a rip off....Zaino or Klasse is the same thing..Polymer sealants that will last about 6 months and provide UV protection etc etc.

The etching is sometimes worth it due to insurance breaks.
Looks good!!!!!

Keep up the great work!!!

Z makes my pewter kinda glow at dusk.

I have about 5 layers on now and will let that go till May when I apply another layer then another in June.
OK, I am sold on the zaino polish. Which type do you use? Clear coat or regular paint?
Z2 and Z5...

Also try the other products they are real good..they do cost alot more than say what Wal Mart has but heck you did by the AVY...aint it worth it???

I reccomend the following
tire dressing
Leather in a Bottle conditioner
Z6 QD spray
Z7 Car wash.

All the stuff used on the exterior work together to enhance the shine.
I just picked up $100 worth of Zaino products today from my San Jose dealer. ?I got 2 Z-7, 2 Z-6, a Z-5 and a leather in a bottle. ?I also got 2 clay bars and 4 applicators and some ZFX. ?I plan on using a good dishwashing liquid first to get off any old wax and grime. ?After, I will wash again with the Z-7. ?After I dry it I should use the Z-5 with the ZFX? ?I'm guessing three coats of this and then maintain it with the Z-6? ?I'm doing this to a red Av and will hopefully make the paint look wet all the time. ?Another question is which do I use with the clay bar to keep it wet.

Does this sound OK to all the other Zaino user's out there.
Yep, sounds good. If possible use Dawn as your dishwashing detergent it's the best wax eater.

Use the z6 in between coats of z5 also.

As far as the lubricant for the claybar take like a 16-20 spray bottle an put about a capful of z7 in it, then fill with water. spray generously on surface and clay away!
If the clay feels like it is getting hung up, spray some more.
After the dawn wash ...

Mix up some Z7 wash and water in a spray bottle say 1 oz of Z7 to 15 ouncees of water...maybe 2. ?use this mixture as your clay lube. ?Then when done wash the truck to remove any residue if any and dry as usual.

You should be able to get 3 coats out of 1.5-2 oz of Z5+ZFX. ?Remember thin and in between each layer apply Z6. ?This will ensure a proper bond and enhance the shine.

After this initial 3 layers you can then add Z5 without the ZFX. ?Say in 3-6 months just add another layer.

Only use ZFX for the initial layer and when you plan on applying more than 1 layer in a single day.

You will love how easy Z is to apply and remove. ?You can apply in the sun too!!!

Too many Zs. ?For the exterior finish, what's needed? ?Clay bar, Z2, Z5? ?What is the need for Z6 QD between coats?