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poppin in the steering shaft


New Member
Sep 7, 2007
Magnolia, Tx
Well first of all i am a new member just joined today. Got bored at work and found you guys on a google search. So I signed up. I will post pix of my AV later on in the day. I have a 2003 Z71 1500 nothing special. Stock mostly. K&N filter and Billet grill.

Heres the deal. Whenever I turn the steering wheel either left or right I get this  pop in the the steering wheel. It aint loud but you know its there. I think its coming from the shaft but Im not sure. If it is how do I fix it and is it a complicated task. HELP!!!!! its driving me crazy
Several things you should search for here.

Anything "intermediate steering shaft"
"pop when turning"
"body mount"

Those terms will give you hours of reading enjoyment, and from them you should be able to better describe and identify your issue.