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Power Outlet Fuses?


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Mar 7, 2002
McKinney, TX
Can someone tell me where the fuses for the two left-most power outlets are? They don't seem to be controlled by the CIGAR fuse under the hood, but I cannot figure out what they are listed under.
The fuse is located under the hood in the relay box. It is center, toward the bottom and marked AUX PWR. Find the large horn relay, head up and to the right to the large AC relay and then up and to the right again and you will see it.

Pages 6-67 to 6-71 in your owners manual. ;D
yeah, it does. I blew a fuse on mine when I hooked up my small 12v air compressor to it. It only seems to work in the one w/ the cig lighter. For the rest it will just blow the fuse.
Odd. Mine was a 110v inverter that I powered up and put a load on before it warmed up.

Thanks for the help!