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Power Seat Switches


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Mar 27, 2002
Arlington, Texas
Is there anyway to kill the power seats when the truck is off and no key in the ignition?

Several times this has happened to me. I reach in the truck to grab something out of the passenger seat (standing in the open drivers door) and inadvertently I lean against the damn seat swithces.

I hear a faint noise and the seat is moving! The most often switch is the lumbar button. I've blown those bags up all the way 3 or 4 times this way and I know it can't be good for the seat. I can't see the advantage to having the power seats on all the time.... or I should say, I can see more disadvantages than advantages. If you want them on, stick in the key, if not, they're disabled with no key.

Has anyone else had this happen to them? ... or am I just being too whiney? (Don't answer the whiney part).
It's probably a safety feature. In case there's an accident or something. Plus sometimes you have to move the seat and you're not going anywhere. If you can find the power source than you can add a switch and shut them off.
I don't think there are any bags in the seat at all. The lumbar is moving plates moved by a gear motor. If this incorrect please let me know.

If you think the lumbar is moving it might be changing it position and you not hit the controls. I had a similiar problem with my 2002 1/2 ton Avalanche. The lumbar and side supports never stayed where I set them. And I was positive I never hit the switch except to return it to no support on either item. I had 3 Service Dept look at it and all found no problems. I could not find a pattern to the problem. Well with that problem plus transmission going out at 3700 miles, loosy pick and go performance, a gas gauge never reading right (Had 2 brand new complete gas tanks), and the fact I had it 87 days and the service dept had it for 24 days of the 87 days, I decided it was time to get rid of that one. I got a 3/4 ton Avalanche and after 7,128 miles, haven't had that problem or any other problems except the midgate leak. I love that SUT.