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Power Steering Cap


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Jan 24, 2002
Lower Macungie, PA
Hi guys.

I was wondering if someone could recommend a place where I could find a replacement cap for my power steering pump.

Popped the hood open this afternoon to re-fill my washer fluid and noticed that the cap was missing. Don't exactly know when it came off, or why for that matter, but I need to replace it asap. Have some duct tape around it now with a clamp holding the stuff on.

I searched GMPartsdirect but only caps they list are for oil. Unless I didnt' search hard enough... Anyways, can anyone help me out?

Thanx in advance.
The Chevy dealer should have one, but if they have to order one, you may be able to pick one up at Auto Zone or another parts place to use temporarily until you get yours. The Auto Parts stores sometimes have them under the "Help" section.