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Problem With Door Lock


SM 2007
Full Member
Jun 3, 2002
Atlanta, GA
I experienced an annoying but simple problem I wanted to pass along.

Took the Av on a road trip for Thanksgiving, and my wife, sitting in the back seat with the baby noticed my driver's side rear door was not locked, but all the others were. At the next rest stop, I discovered the Child Safety Lock lever was jammed and caused the door to stick in the unlocked position. I couldn't lock the door or move the child lock switch. Even with the rest of the doors locked and the alarm on, the rear door remained unlocked. :(

Took it to a dealer near my cousin's and they discovered a plastic clip (go figure) in the door had broken and moved on the rod it was attached to and jammed the door mechanism. :mad: A new clip, a piece of rubber hose to prevent it from moving and about an hour took care of the problem, all under warranty of course. Everything works fine now, but I'm just waiting for it to happen in the other door. :)

Hope this helps if anyone else experiences the problem.