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Problems With Your Avalanche & When Built


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Jan 10, 2002
Edmonds, WA
Instead of making an unscientific observation, lets try and get some data.

First, to figure out when your Avalanche was built, open up the driver's door and look at the white sticker that is found where the door's edge meets the b-pillar. In the upper left hand corner is a date e.g. 08/01, 11/01, 01/02, etc. This is the month your Avalanche was built. Mine is 10/01. If your Avalanche was built before 10/01 you should reserve your answers to the first four choices. If your Avalanche was built on or after 10/01 you should reserve your answers to the last four choices.

No Problems: You have never had to bring your Avalanche to the dealer for any warranty related worked. If you brought your Avalanche in for a courtesy free wheel alignment, you should still indicate this as "no problem." If you need torsion adjustment or other work, then it would be a problem. Standard maintenance items, oil changes, tire rotation, etc., wiper blades, etc. don't count. Dealer installed accessories (except roof rack) like bug shields that didn't add the tape also don't count. This is for manufacturing problems.

Minor Problems: You had to bring your Avalanche back to the dealer for warranty related issues to the manufacturer of the vehicle. Minor problems involve items that don't impact vehicle driveability and would include cracked rear window trim, minor adjustments to water management system or tailgate strikers, internal switch not working, radio failure, bad speaker, minor problem with exterior trim, minor paint chips.

Some Problems: You had to bring your Avalanche back to the dealer for warranty related issues to the manufacturer of the vehicle. This might include several minor issues (don't count bringing it in to find out it's broken and coming back after the part is found - that's one service call - multiple calls for different minor items). Also if you had to bring in your Avalanche for one time problems that impact the long term life of your Avalanche. Roof rack rust, metal filings, major leaks in the water management system that were fixed in one service visit, OnStar antenna missing, roof rack installed wrong, burning engine oil fixed in one service visit.

Major Problems: Your Avalanche has been to the dealer multiple times for moderate issues or a long list of minor problems that can't be fixed in one attempt. You have serious leaks in the water management system that can't be fixed. Your Avalanche is burning oil at rate greater than 1 quart per 3,000 miles and the dealer cannot fix the problem after one attempt. Severe rust that requires roof repainting. Or did Chevrolet exchange your old Avalanche for a new one.


I'm hoping this is an interesting poll with some eye opening results.
Aug 01 and no problems!
I like the Poll. I was hoping someone would post one like this so we have an idea whether or not problems are related to the manufacturing dates or not.
Guess I feel pretty lucky. Born on date of 01/02 with no problem other than about dealer installed scratches that they later buffed out for me (minor in the clear coat).
Born on date 09/01 no problems but rear driver side heat vent blows very little air
Mine was manufactured October 30, 2001. I don't have any problems, but I only have 1200 miles on it so far. :D
Nice bell curve going there.

Born on date reminded me of a bud beer can. ;D
The Red Warrior (Victory Red 2500 - 8.1 liter - 4.10) was born in August, 2001. Absolutely no problems at all. Love this rig.........
June 2001 only had some minor problems cracked rear glass case, rust from roof rack, etc.
Built 06/01:
Purchased 02/01
1 problem - Retained Accessory Power Failure.
This feature quit working. Took us awhile to realize it was no longer working.

Fix: replaced and reprogramed BCM - Body Chasis Module chip.
Been woriking fine since.
June 2001

Same as Invested above but no roof rack(no rust)
Dealer visits=0 ;D in 12,000+ miles
08/01 andhave only had the driver side sun visor replaced. We have a couple of items right now - hood closing, two paint chips, and a gap on the cladding on the rear doors where the double sided tape is letting go.
Built 06/01

Blue smoke on startup and excess oil consumption. No roof rack. To dealer twice to fix smoke and oil. 200 miles after last fix, no smoke and oil level is steady.
2 weeks old today and no problems. wahhooooooo!!!

Except that here in NJ we're not allowed to wash our vehicles (drought), and everybody knows what a black vehicle looks like when not washed!
detpoacher said:
Born on date 09/01 no problems but rear driver side heat vent blows very little air

My date is also 09/01 and I have the same problem with the heat in the rear on the driver's side ??? ?Also possible problems with ring and pinion gears

Update: I decided to actually sit in the back seat and play with the heating controls. Noticed if you push the shut-off control real hard to the right the heat comes out alot stronger. The driver's side seems to be a little more sticky than the passenger side. Give this a try and see if the heat comes out better.
Well, I wish I could tell you when mine was built, but she's still in the shop for the THIRD STRAIGHT WEEK!!!

1)Radio replaced, kept loosing the time.
2)Burning some oil, hopefully just break-in
3)Pain in the ass putting gas in (2500)
4)Roof rack rust comprimised the paint surface. They're painting under the gaskets, shouldn't be visible at all, so I'm ok with that. Gaskets on back-order, so that's holding things up.

This is the first time she's been in, so if they clean up everything, I'll be happy.

Still love my truck...
Guess I'll have to suffer in my M5 till she gets back.
Ummm...maybe I have had a problem since reading BGA2500's latest post. One day I got into my Avalanche and my time was off by 3 hours on my clock. I found it really odd...my partner kept insisting that I must have pressed the time change button...but I knew I hadnt and its virtually impossible. Has anyone else found the time change problem as I have and thought that it was odd and strange but only happened once. And to come to think of it...one time my radio didnt turn on...and another time the CD player malfunctioned...but those have all been one time incidences so far.... ??? ??? ???