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Production On 2003 Avalanches Begins Today


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Jan 10, 2002
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Yup - it's here. Today is the day they start building the 2003 Avalanches down in Mexico. Dealer deliveries should be starting in the next three weeks with 2003 models widely available in major metropolitian areas by mid-September.

Those who have factory orders in an accepted should be getting your new toys in soon! :love:
LoClass said:
Avalance, not to argue with you, but I would know a bit more than your dealer computer, considering my employer ;D Trust me when I say the Silao, Mexico assembly plant does not start regular production of the '03 Avalanche until the week of July 29. You can order an '03, but build does not start for 2 more weeks. Here's the timing for the '03 changeover, plant by plant:

Week of:

June 24: Fort Wayne, IN & Pontiac, MI (pickup)
July 15: Flint, MI and Oshawa, ON (pickup)
July 22: Arlington, TX (SUV)
July 29: Silao, MX (SUV & 805/806)
August 5: Janesville, WI (SUV)

So are you saying that no Avalanches were actually produced last week as many of us were told?
If you call Chevrolet they will tell you production for 2003 Av's started on June 17th. You know what ? They are full of crap. If they started on June 17th they would have been out by now. They are not very bright.
I cannot reveal my source on the production date, but I will say they work in Detroit for a major automotive manufacturer and they are a silent partner and supporter of this site.
The truth be known, production started last week on the 29th of July. I'm not sure who your contact may or may not be, but they're off by a week. Production of the '03 fullsize suv's starts this week in Janesville...they're the last plant to launch the '03 fullsize models.
My order is Built and in transit as of 8/2 It should be here by the week of August 19th

TonyM said:
My order is Built and in transit as of 8/2 It should be here by the week of August 19th

How can that be if they just started producing them today? ;D