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Jan 26, 2002
Los Angeles, California
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It would of great interest to all of us if we all made sure to include in our profile the City and State in which we live. Putting in your email address is up to you...

That would give everyone here the ability to identify with other members within our local areas and promote a buddy system when doing mods or just tinkering on the weekends.

Whadya think?

Where is yours XROVER???? LOL
Hi all,

Just a reminder because I noticed that a lot of the members are not completely filling out their profiles.

Please include your city and state........ ;D

I really think it is a good idea so we can all know where we are all located for referenceing eachothers posts that might be directly related to climate or location and so that we can get to know eachother better.

Also it would be good to know who might live near us so we can get together when we need someone to wax our truck. lol ;)


How do you insert a picture in your profile? Do you have to have your own web site? The instructions weren't clear to me. ???

To get a picture into your profile is pretty easy. You do need to have the picture located at a web adress so you can type in the link to the picture right into your profile. That link will go directly to the picture.

I don't know if I was any help but you could also send a message to Chief and he might be able to walk you through it.
I have seen on other forums, where those who have added that info in their profiles, it is then displayed under their Avatar.

is that possible with the forum software that is being used here? It would make it easier than clicking on each person's avatar, to ge that info.