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Puddle light modification


New Member
Mar 1, 2020
I was going to add some power folding side mirrors with the puddle lights to my 2007 Avalanche LS...I am going to add the stock switches also to make the power folding option function properly. My question is about the puddle lights though. I was wondering if I could wire the puddle lights to function as turn signal indicators instead of curtesy lights? Also, could I add amber led bulbs to the puddle lights and remove the white bulbs?


Full Member
Mar 22, 2019
Yes, if you rewire the puddle lights to turn signals they will work as turn signals. Yes, the puddle lights are a standard bulb size and can be changed for amber LED. I think they are a T10. IMHO, the cheap LED T10's are disappointing, pay more and get a decent bulb if you end up going this route.

But, why the puddle light wiring change? There is already a turn signal indicator built in (at least on the 2010 folding mirror design).


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Jun 4, 2004
Tidewater Virginia
I agree with BainMan, why go to all that trouble to rewire puddle lights which just shine down when you could use the already existing lights in mirror, they would shine for you and for anyone in your blindspot that you intend to turn.