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Pulled Out A Taurus...


Full Member
Jun 5, 2002
Douglas, MA
Nothing too cool... just tugged out my sisters car...

I got a call this weekend that my sister got her car stuck in the backyard of the house. My family was spreading fresh gravel in the driveway, so they parked all their cars on the side-lawn.

Well, my sister left hers there overnight, and we got some heavy rain. With the newly 'somewhat' defrosted ground, the car was sitting in some real muck. I guess she went to move it, and burried it.

I show up, and start laughing. The front end of the car is resting on the undercariage, and the front wheels extended into large holes of mud.

Everyone was like, "do you think you'll be able to pull it out?!" "Definitely!"

I tossed on the reciever shackle, threaded a 15' tow strap though a mount under her car, and pulled it out with barely any throttle... in 2HI. I didn't even squish the soft grass/ground under my tires. :) I think the soft ground let the car slide up and out rather easy.

It was kinda cool to do something manly with my truck again. I haven't done anything like that since I last moved our camper around late last summer.