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Question To Buyers Of An '03, Last Sep.-Oct.-ish


SM 2004
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Feb 15, 2003
Plymouth Meeting, PA
*Sigh*...Still trying to decide between an '03 and an '04. Just talked to a dealer today, and he informed me that when the '04 starts coming out around September-October, GM will likely have a separate rebate being offered on the two models; i.e. not as good on the '04 as the '03.
So my question is, to anyone that bought their '03 Avalanche when they were just coming out last year, what kind of rebate were you able to get on it? Was there a better GM incentive for the '02 at the same time?

Generally they've been $500 to $1,000 less on the new models.
I found that the rebate was better on the 03 I purchased than any 02. In fact we have a dealer in this area that still has about 80 02's on the lot and still does not give great deals. I also liked features and changes on 03. Don't know much about 04's exept that there is a post on this site which leads you to the 04 features. :cool: