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Questions On Paint Color & Born-on-Date


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Aug 11, 2002
Today is day #4 with the new 2003 2500 4x4 Av and I'm working on some serious mods (suspension lift ;D and others).


1. I need a paint color code for my new Dark Metallic Gray paint (new for 2003). I called a dealer and, no surprise there, they didn't have it. I'm going to buy some aerosol cans of paint (and clear coat) for my Av so I can paint a variety of stuff. I can't order the paint until I get a color code. The dealer then thinks they can get a spray can part number which is the ultimate goal (so if you have a way of getting that part number it would be awesome).

2. How do I find out the date my Av was born on (built in the factory)?

Thanks! :B:
Can they not get a paint code from the VIN #? How about the # on the glovebox. That is where I got my # for the spray paint from GM!!
I think Goo has posted the paint codes before...check the spoiler thread and those threads in the vision/future section.....

True. ?The parts department can give you the code given the VIN.

You can also find it inside your glove box.

Color Code for the new Dark Gray Metallic is 62U - WA805K

The build on date you can find inside your driver's door. It is in the format MM/YY.
The frame date is on the passenger frame rail under the front passenger seat. Assume about one week later is the actual build date. My frame date is 5/29/01 and the actual build date is 6/4/01. To get the actual build date have your dealer service dept put the VIN into their computer and it will give them the build date. Make sure you have the frame date so you know within a few days what the build date should be. My service manager kept telling me the in service date (sold to me date), I told him no, its got to be around June 5, finally he found it.