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Quick And Easy Third Brake Light Mod! See Pics!


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Aug 11, 2002
Apple Valley, Minnesota
Many of us have ordered the Stripeman "Avalanche" decals for our cladding. It is available in many colors...some of which match our paint colors rather nicely! Those of you who have ordered the kit from Stripeman.com have noticed that you received an extra logo strip of letters. (Probably in case we goof up!!) Today I took one of the 3 "A"s included in the extra letters along with the "V" and attached them to my third brake light. I think that Stripeman will probably come up with something better... but for now, it looks pretty cool! :cool: ?Day shot on top... night shot (in dark garage) on the bottom!




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Here's the night shot...so sorry! :-[ (My nine year old daughter thought it was pretty cool to hold the brake down while dad snapped the pic ;D)




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Because the third brake light tapers at the ends... the whole logo won't fit... I scoped that possibility already! I've e-mailed the Stripeman about coming up with the whole logo for the light... we'll see what happens ;).

Bubba... Bummer man! :cautious: Ya know... :0: If you went in on some of the gray ones with three other members and split the cost 4 ways... hmm... ;) Mine are actually LPM like my AV.
PDX... I'll get back to you tonight on the distance thing... in the daylight it looks cool :cool: back one or two car lengths!

I have had this extra sticker setting on my desk now for about two weeks wondering where to put it. I have now officially found an excellent place. Thanks again Bowtie.
the darker the color decal that you put on the brake light cover willmake it look better in the dark. what about having stripeman make a logo that fit on the light and have it in black this way it knocks out all the light and you would see the letters in the dark. Then for the daytime you could always have the same exact logo made in white and lay it over the black logo. I think it would stand out much more at night time. they make a decal material that we use but I dont know if they make the same concept in vinyl for signs but say the decal was white it would have a black backing so to look like it was black on the adheasive side and white on the out side. that would be perfect for this type of application.
You're welcome EDZ!
When you put the letters on... you'll have to tuck the long left "tail" of the "A" under the lens a bit in order to keep it low enough for people to see it when they're behind you. If you have a small plastic spoon handle or a vinyl key fob, that would be excellent for sticking under the lens to secure the tail of the "A" to the underside. You can pull the cladding under the light out a bit when you do this to make the job a little easier. The other thing you could do of course is just to cut a little off the tail! ;) The bottom edge of the "A' and "V" aren't perfectly lined up with each other... but it still looks custom if you keep the left edge of the "V" paralell to the right side of the "A" and keep the bottom edges level! Good luck! (y) And... by the way... your Aatar pic is lookin' good! ;)

I was wondering how hard/easy it would be to remove the 3 brake light lens, put some letters on, paint the lens black, and then peal off the letters? I don't know if paint would work on the lense. Any ideas anyone? Does this sound do-able?
jnspur... As Arte Johnson from "Laugh-in" would say... "Interesting... Very Interesting" (Of course this was done with my best German accent) And... once again I'm showing my age! Anyway... that prospect is intriguing! Here's the dilemna as I see it: The letters would have to be big enough for the third brake light to be even marginally effective... There doesn't seem to be enough space on the stock Light bar to accomodate a "largish" Avalanche Logo. If you just placed a "stocky" "AV", painted over it, removed the letters... that might work... and would look really cool! :cool: But... you'd also be painting over at least 80% of your third brake light! This may not even be legal in some jurusdictions! :( Let's keep brainstorming ;D... I do like your idea jnspur! (y)
Well I just typed in a whole slew of stuff and then got an error. ?The Club's server has no more room for pics!

I just put my 4th decal from Stipeman on my 3rd brake light. ?It is too high. :cautious: ?If any one els tries this, you can fit the whole thing, but you will have to trim part of the tail off the first 'A' to get it centered, and you need to line the letters up with the bottom of the light, not the paper like some @$@^@# :8: just did to my truck! ?(Oh, that was me. . .)

Any way the pics will be at my picture trail site shortly
Hey guys i could possibly have something in mind that you all might like.  I work at a graphics shop here in south Georgia and i actually have the avalanche logo that i used on my truck and i think with a little time i can get the right shape and make the entire word fit on the third brake light.  Let me work on it and i will post some pics as soon as i figure something out.