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Quick Ice Cream GTG @ Brusters In Augusta!


Silent Avalanche RIP
Full Member
Nov 12, 2003
Ok Augusta lets meet up for some Ice Cream! Saturday May 12th, 5:00pm @ Bruster over by Regal 20 Cinemas (1115 Agerton Lane, Augusta, Ga 30909)

I'll take a large chocolate shake!
if I'm in town, i'll be there... but with me being in school, then a wedding, then MCM, its been over a month since I've seen my daughter.  I really need to get to FL.
mmmm banana split  :love:
I have a prior engagement to attend that morning but the wife and I can stop by.  We will be on the bike instead of the truck.  The AVA needs a gas break >:D
Won't be able to make it. :(  Had to come home to ATL the wife's Tahoe stopped on her. :beating:  It might be time for a new one.
Viper said:
I would love to come but need to take care of Sheri.? She had her surgery last Tuesday and is not quite ready to solo.
Wish her the best from US...!!!!!