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Radio locked out


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Jun 27, 2007
:help:  My 2002 Ava. battery died. after replacing it, the radio is locked out,  dealer wants $50 to reset code
any suggestions  thank Vinny
Think thats gonna have to do.

Is'nt there one of those super secret reset things, like turn the key to ON-OFF 3 times to reset?

Maybe disconnect the battery let sit for a couple of minutes and re-connect the battery.  (maybe you'll get lucky)?

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Need to have the GM computer doohickey thingy to talk to radio and unlock it.

check in this section and our A/V section  for threads about this.

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Dealer should not charge to reset it!! It only takes a phone call or something like that !!  Dealer had to do it once for me, was only too happy to help!! Its called CUSTOMER SERVICE!! :beating:
It's called a Tech 2 Tool..... try the pontiac dealer if the chevy dealer won't do it.... My Pontiac dealer unlocked my Nav system after the chevy dealer took three days trying to figure it out....

BTW, they did for free.... :wave:

Good Luck

Here's a GM chart - `"repeats" what was in the above link.



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just swapped my battery..the radio locked up...found it to be the last three numbers of the vin..if that helps anyone...