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Raising Them Right


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Jan 10, 2002
Edmonds, WA
I had my the Chief Munchkin outside with me a couple of weeks ago while I was cleaning the bed of my Av. She INSISTED on helping "da-DEE"

Heh! Heh! Heh! Have to raise those kids right!

My 18 month old loves to help wash the cars as well. My wife and I wonder how old she will be when she realizes that this is work and nolonger "fun"!!!
As did each of mine when they were younger (now 9 and 13!). I always had them relegated to wheel and tire duty. When they finished that area, usually took them a second "attempt" then I'd get them working around the head and tail lights. They liked those areas because of all the "shiny" parts - trim rings and the lens covers etc.

Now it's just me alone again. That's OK though because I enjoy paying the extra attention. Damn swirl marks.

I learned yesterday that I wrongly removed a big bird bomb from my black Av. I got the affected area wet and let it soak a little. Then I "tried" to blot it instead of wipe it. Somehow, I still got freakin marks in the clear coat. Now I REALLY need to get going on my Zaino Z5 treatment!

I guess it's one of the mysteries of life that kids always want to help when they aren't really capable of doing so, and then when the are capable . . . well the desire seems to sort of dissappear!

My youngest's now 8 and is still on the side of the breakpoint where helping Dad wash the truck is fun. I can see that time going away though - friends and other activities are becoming a bigger part of his life.
At least you guys have little helpers you can groom to become detail specialists in the future...all I have is my dog sitting there looking at my while asking himself "when can we go for a walk, dude.". ;D
My 11-year old daughter helped me wash the beast last weekend. But she's on probation now because she missed a couple of spots! You just can;t get good help these days...... ;D
I tried dipping my pet rabbit in the soapy water and letting him run around the flat areas. He seems to prefer digging in the dirt more than helping me wash the Avalanche.

Now, tell the truth, do you wash your spouses vehicle first, then the AV? My wife's truck is always washed first, and sometimes more often, than my AV.
My son is 18 months also and he loves the Av. All I have to do is say" Wanna cruise dude!" He starts laughing, says "Go Go Go" gets his shoes, coat, and bolts for the door. When I put him in the truck, first he has to run back and forth on the floor before I put him in his seat. Then he demands that I put on the stereo and point to the mirror till I tell him the temperature, and compass heading. Lately we have been hanging out at the shore. He loves when the windows are down, and the roof is open on the Parkway. Before I even start the truck, he's making engine noises. He has even taken the remotes, and started the truck. He then stands by the door laughing and pointing. Good thing he can't type or we would probably be fighting over who gets to check out the Av. Club. He' so cool!
Midlifecrisis wrote:

Hmmm.....that gives me an idea.....I have a small dog........ with nice soft fur........and plenty of energy.......

Reminds me of a Gallagher bit - he asks who in the audience has a toy poodle. Several hands go up, he laughs and says "and you admit it!? The ONLY things they are good for is to spray them with Endust and let them run under the furniture."

Hmmm, what size dog would be right to run under my AV?