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Rats !!


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Oct 4, 2002
Trabuco Canyon, CA
Well, things were going too smoothly in my first 3 weeks of ownership I guess. Yesterday morning I get in the Avalanche to head to work and right away the engine light comes on and I can feel the engine misfiring quite a bit. :cry: Well, I figured this was as good a time as any to try the OnStar diagnostic service so I hit the little blue button and, after a few minutes of connecting and then "talking with the engine" the rep tells me to head to the dealer ASAP that I have not one but two Code Reds :eek: (P0200 & P0300). The truck will compensate for a while but I shouldn't drive it too much and will probably notice a marked decline in performance going up hills, etc. After phoning work and letting them know I'll be a bit late I head to the dealer. After about 5 minutes the Service Rep comes to get me and says you're not going to believe this and begins asking me if I live in a rural area (Trabuco Canyon, CA). I already have a sinking feeling that my truck has become a second home for some of the most destructive creatures known to man --- Rats !! Sure enough, when we get to the truck the mechanic and a few other curiosity seekers are looking under the hood and shaking their heads (not a good site to come upon I must add). Evidently, the rodents have started an acorn stash under the hood, on top of the engine, and, for kicks, began chewing up the wiring harness that goes to the injectors :8: Needless to say this is not a warranty item. Fortunately, they didn't charge me for any parts but the 2 hours of labor left me about $145 lighter in the wallet. Needless to say, the traps went out last night and I've already got one of the chewers. >:D More to follow, I hope.

2003, Charcoal Z66, Southern California
Here are other ways.

Rat Pack
"The Rat Pack is an add-on battery pack for the Rat Zapper 2000 that is strongly recommended if you have rat or squirrel problems.

It allows any Rat Zapper 2000 to use D-cell batteries instead of AA batteries. This will give you up to 6 times the battery life that you get from 4 AA batteries. This translates into 60 kills or 6 months time (as opposed to 10 kills or 30 days time with AA's."

or go all out for
Rat Zapper Battle Station
"The Ultimate Weapon in the War Against Rats and Mice - Arm yourself with a Rat Zapper Battle Station* today. Designed for restaurants, bakeries, ranches, large homes, Facilities Managers and Pest Control Operators, our remote monitoring systems, will allow you to monitor trap activity without checking individual Rat Zappers. Our MP-8 Zapper Tracker system allows up to 16 Rat Zappers to be monitored from a single location and you can use multiple Zapper Trackers in close proximity to monitor many more Rat Zappers if necessary."
Imagine calling the insurance company and telling them a RAT ATE MY TRUCK.......

Glad to hear atleast you caught one
You guys are too much :) Actually, the cat would be a good idea but I'm afraid it wouldn't last too long in coyote country. Fortunately, these field mice are suckers for peanut butter or I'd really be in trouble. :)

Yeah, I was pleased the dealer didn't try to get cutesy on the repairs and take me to the cleaners. Then again, their reputation is what led me to buy there in the first place even though there are a few Chevy dealers closer to my house. A definite thumbs up so far for Selman Chevy in Orange/Tustin. :B:
Yep, some of these high tech solutions offered will sure work but you know there is still the old fashioned 3 wood or in a pinch a 6 D cell maglight works well also.