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Real Life Crash Test In Avalanche!


Will Smith

I bought my AV in late June last year. It has given me excellent service. On Feb. 8 I was driving home after visiting my dad in the hospital when I fell asleep at the wheel. I rear-ended an older model Suburban, the airbags deployed and drove my sunglasses into my scalp. Fortunately the On-Star system activated and triangulated my position and at my request dispatched fire, police and ambulance services. The Calvary arrived within 5 minutes to assist me.
My Avalanche was destroyed! I was not! It enabled me to return to being a husband to my wife and father to my two children. Kudos and a life-saving thank you to the Bow Tie engineers of this fine UUV!
I am awaiting my replacement AV to be delivered this week. I am changing colors but not brands.

Sorry to hear about the Av......but Glad to hear you made it through...good luck
Sorry to hear about your accident, but it seems that you've been smiled upon. Glad to hear you made it through -- those kids need you!
Glad to hear you are safe now and that all the safety equipment worked!

Another reason to keep the onstar!!
Thanks all, and yes the On Star will get my vote everytime. I could not locate my cell phone after the crash so it did come in handy.