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Rear Axle Bearing Replace?


Full Member
Apr 20, 2006
Saskatchewan, Canada
Does anyone have advice on how to replace the outer bearing and axle seal on the rear differential of an '03 Z71 Av?  I've got some info on how to remove the axle and gain access to the seal and bearing, but it seems that I may need some special tools to get them out of the axle.  TIA
I've done it two ways. One "normal" way using a puller looking attachment for a slide hammer, and one seized/cooked bearing that I ended up cutting out with a Dremel. I'd avoid the second, bearing races tend to me hardened steel and eat Dremel bits. You can probably borrow the slide hammer and attachment at AutoZone or O'Reilys. They both have you put a deposit down on the tool and when you bring the tool back they refund the deposit. Pretty sweet deal if you're not trying to build your tool collection with every tool under the sun. If you have a Harbor Freight nearly, you can get a full slide hammer set for under $20 that should have the attachment you need.