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Rear Glass spliting


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Nov 28, 2006
MillCreek, Washington
Hey guys I was wondering has the Plastic frame that hold the rear glass together have any of you guys have a split in the middle. And i'll post some pics of it soon.
I have seen a few do that. ?Mine has not (yet) but it does happen. Not sure if anyone has gotten one under warrante or not.
I'd use something more flexible since that is a plastic. Silicone comes in colors, ie black, etc.
My suggestion only. Others may have a better idea.
It's been an issue for some time..

Here's some INFO:

Click the pic...

Mine is a lot wrose, I had to repair it with some black RTV

4x4Avalanche said:
So what actually does cause it to crack according to your diagram??
the 02's had a issue with the type of plastic used, when replaced under warranty they gave me one from a later year and I've had no issues since 

not sure how the diagram relates...
My 2005 has a crack ( piece missing ) exactly in the same spot as 4x4Avalanche's. Haven't detected any leaking from that spot (yet). I've still got warranty until October and have added this to the list.

4x4Avalanche said:
any of you guys think i'm better off buying a 03 Rear Glass instead of an 02?
If you're buying a used one, definitely look for a later year, they are all interchangeable.
If buying a new one, the one they sell will be the latest and greatest.
There is one difference, tinted or not tinted.
Mine's cracked in the corner...Pretty bad...Was letting a little water in...Just bought a new window the other day that I'm waiting to get and install...
Marine Epoxy as it is about the same color...

Any one wanna sell me a rear glass if anyone got extras ! I went to my dealership and they want $300 + what a rip off :E:. Will the newer Av Rear Glass fit the 02 Av???
4x4Avalanche said:
Any one wanna sell me a rear glass if anyone got extras ! I went to my dealership and they want $300 + what a rip off :E:. Will the newer Av Rear Glass fit the 02 Av???
not sure if they changed the 07's or not
that's actually pretty cheap, I remember people getting quotes of $7-800
My '02 Av rear window seal split at both corners resulting in a big (1/4") gap and was letting in water.  I used some silicon sealant and some filler material.  Seems to be fine now.
:wave: Just an idea, it worked for me. Two weeks ago when I was at the dealer gettin oil change and 50k checkup, I asked the service guy, "Hey whats the deal with my back glass shrinking"  He laughed and said "What?"  Come here, one of us on both sides of the truck, took the back glass out and showed him the crack in my plastic frame, he said "hmmm", be right back, "I've got your glass on order but it may take a while to get here because it comes from the manufacturer"  Huh what is this under warranty still or how much do I have to pay?  He said "We'll take care of it don't worry it won't cost you anything"  Cooooool I said, lol.  Glass should be here this week according to shipping papers.  Try it you just never know till you ask!