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Rear License Plate Holder



Any suggestions on how to attach a rear license plate frame holder so it can be fully displayed? The rear bumper comes up just high enough on the AV to force the license plate to be attached on an angle and slightly occlude the bottom. Also, I agree fully about the need for a remote lock for the tailgate!
thats one of the dilemas im having right now. i just got my plates in and wanted to throw on a set of avalanche license plate frames, but it wont work for the back.

i asked the parts person and he said that he ordered a set of ones for the rear with the Avalanche logo on top, but i dont think those will bolt on to the back either.

we'll see, any ideas... ???
The frames need to be thin to work....I have a thin frame installed over it and it worked..
Be thankful that you can mount your lisc. plate. My Av did not have holes drilled for the FRONT lisc. plate. Told the dealer that I was stupid and not good with tools and could not mount my FRONT lisc. plate. They could not mount the plate either w/o having to drill the holes. Talk about quality from the factory - wonder what other items that they forgot to drill out or connect.