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Rear Of AV Leans???


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Jul 25, 2002
Atlanta, GA
I *DID* search on this and found a little info, but most pertaining to the front end...

The back end of my AV Leans (I would guess and inch or more side to side) The front, from what I can tell looks pretty good...

Any suggestions???
Never heard of this one....

Did you measure from flat ground up to wheel well on each side?

Maybe something broken underneath?

It's a common complaint on the pickups. First I've heard on the Av.
I have notice mine to lean a little also, having been a chevy truck owner for 12 years prior to my AV i was used to it, it has something to do with the compensation for the torque from the rear wheels. The only thing I had the dealer do after i got mine was the spacing on the rear bumper was off from one side to the other, ( I noticed every AV in the dealer lot to be this way), they loosened and adjusted the rear bumper to get the spaces even.
Interesting..... I took my Av in for the rear bumper being out of alignment and after doing without my Av for a night and a day (they were also fixing the dealer installed bug shield that was off center) they call and say it's ready.

I go down there and they told me they couldn't do anything about the bumper and that it didn't look bad to them! I was pissed! I had to have the Av back so I took it after showing the service rep the alignment. Then he says..... huh, that is out of line.... I hadn't looked at it up close before. Then he says... bring in back in... we might take off the bumper, drill new holes for it so we can adjust it.

Long story... I complained, the service mgr called me, I was supposed to bring it in for him to look at and I told him drilling out the alignement holes was unacceptable to me (he agreed).... but that was two months ago. I haven't gone back because I absolutely hate going there.... to the dealer.... any dealer.

I will take it back though. I want to diamond plate the bumper, so if I'm to get a new one, I have to get this fixed. Also I've got about 4 more things to get looked at... I just hate the little Geo Metro's they have to rent. :7:
the rear of my av leans and was rubbing on the back wheels but then again my av is lowered 3 inches on 23inch rims but all they did was trim my fender wells and now its ok
THink of the GEO METRO as the lifeboat or DInghy for the AVY >:D

Bummer on your problems with dealer yippie.....try to find a better one they are out there and they want your warranty repair business.....too
Maybe its a blown shock? I don't know if this would work, but do a base measurement of the two rear fender wells to the ground. Then stand on each of the rear corner steps and have somebody measure the distance again. Do this for both sides. I would think that if one of the shocks was bad there would be an even GREATER difference between the two. Just my 2 cents.
Springs hold the truck up .... Shocks dampen the movement to smooth out the ride.....

I am sure SS will correct me if I am wrong >:D

This must be a 1500 problem. My 2500 is level.
My bumper is low on the left hand side by about 1/2 inch. ?This correction will require a new creeper. ;)

BTW... I just got e-mail from gmpartsdirect.com. ?They want an additional $80.00, over the $48.20 shipping on the order to send my GM AV protection package to?Hawaii.

Got Sand?

Murman :cool:
MurmanZ71 said:
BTW... I just got e-mail from gmpartsdirect.com. ?They want an additional $80.00, over the $48.20 shipping on the order to get send my GM AV protection package sent to ?Hawaii.

Got Sand?

Funny...Tell them to pound it MURMAN!!!


However, I learned about GMPD in the resources section of CAFCNA.

I motion to give GMPD "Da BOOT" from the site...

Do I stand alone?

I've been whining about this for a while. ?Everyone who rides in my truck gets quizzed... "Do you feel it leaning??!"


[link=http://www.chevyavalanchefanclub.com/cafcna/index.php?board=15;action=display;threadid=4106;start=6]Part 1...[/link]

[link=http://www.chevyavalanchefanclub.com/cgi/forum/YaBB.pl?board=problem;action=display;num=1038924966;start=3]Part 2...[/link]

I still haven't fixed it completely, but took most of the lean out. ?I have a ceratain about of crap I carry with me, that I'll probably never need until I DON'T have them with me. (jumpers, tow straps, shackles.) ?I pack them into the compartment over the high side of the truck. ?I've also dialed the t-bars to death.

One of these days I'll actually bring it to the dealer. ?It's not easy for me to get down there, and with some very lousy experiences of wasted days of work at another one, I'm very skeptical of ever going back to one unless I absolutely have to. ?:8:
I have a friend that had the same problem on his 02 Z-66.One of the coil springs had to be replaced,check with another dealer.