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Rear Storage Bins


SM 2003
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May 12, 2002
Lancaster, PA
Every time I have visited my Av at the dealer it's been during the day. (About once a week since March)
Are the rear storage bins lit so you can see inside?

I know on the Caddy EXT they are but I didn't know about the Av.



(P.S. I applied for a loan today because I don't think anyone wants my Dodge so I'm going to trade it to the dealer and pay a little more but in 7 years the Av will be all mine, sooner if I win the lottery ;D)
Yes the rear cargo lights are run through there and as far as I can tell, after a 6K mile trip, they're pretty well sealed. I packed the ice all the way to the top on our vacation and never had a problem. Just kick on the cargo light, like your going to get in the bed and the saddle bags light up also. :B: