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Rear Wheel  well Rubber Strips  hitting Tire



back under the av again this time looking at the rear disks and noticed the inside of the tire, om the sidewall was shiny and could see that the rubber across the wheel well was kinda loose. Does this flap keep water from slinging up or what, one of the plastic "rivets pulled thru or maybe the pressure washer ripped it but these look kinda chaeesy like their not gonna last.. maybe they are tire wipers/
After I put my LT305/70R16 tires on I noticed that this "thing" was rubbing the sidewalls of my tires.
The dealership said that it was to keep debris out of the frame rails and to shield the shock bolts.
Who cares, two minutes latter and they were gone. 7,000 miles later, no problems and no more rubbing.
:B: :B:
They keep the look clean and help prevent debris from getting in the spot behind....

Try using some 3m Adhesive spray to help hold them and then fix them clippy thingys to help hold them...or just rip them off >:D
I keep the wheel wells clean, and with an armor all wipedown every ....good wash.... sat evening i took a hd pressure washer and blew the wheel well undercoat off in a line with the rear fender you know, straight across. ( and the caddy boys talk about the rear fender wheel well line) the paint is good in there. I see regular chevy trucks and the wheel wells are clean body color.. Do all Avs get the undercoat stuff ... Does anybody have an av with no undercoat?????