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How are we going to find out if there are any recalls? ?Have there been any recalls for the Av yet?
Also you can also check at NTSB, I think.

Can remember the site, probably www.ntsp.gov

Use search or check in with one of the alt.chevy groups.

Isn't it a pleasantly odd that a NEW vehicle that has been out almost a year has not has a SINGLE recall yet? I've had my Av for a month and a half and haven't had to take it to the dealer yet. Almost every other new vehicle I've bought had to go back to the dealer within the first month for some type of replacement part or adjustment.

I realize that maybe this is partially because the Av is not completely new, as it shares many compnents with other GM vehicles. But still, I find it amazing that there haven't been any recalls yet.
none yet on the Av - you can always check NHTSA for recalls and TSB titles (no full text TSBs here unless you pay them to track them down, but the titles and summaries are useful info)


If you have Geico Automobile Insurance you get access to their Vehicle Recall Database. I checked the Avy a few months back and there were none
I heard from a friend that his company is making a part for an AV recall but have not found out what it is yet. I think it might just be for a TSB (technical service bulletin) and not for a recall, but it is rumoured to be about exhaust fumes coming in when the tailgate is open or the top panels are off. I'll let you know if I can find out more.
Please let us know what you find out. I have driven with the midgate down and cargo panels off and have never experienced this. I think I am lucky because I have heard of a few bad experiences with leaks, noice, smoke on start up, bent cargo panels and I have not had any of these problems. Knock on wood!!