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Red 2003


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Jun 16, 2002
Elko, NV
Well this is the week that my Red Supermobile is being built!

It has been a hard wait. Maybe I should drive down to Mexico and drive it back to hurry it along?
A red 2003 Avalanche This is not my 2003, it is a stock photo, but it's all I got for now!
congrats man! nice color. we need details. what kind of interior? color... options. spill it.

congrats! ;D >:D :D ;) (y)

Supermobile.... I'll know you can't wait! Let us know when it arrives!
Hey, awesome, mine is being built the 9th. Anyone got any guesses on when it will be here (Iowa) I'm guessing end of Sept. I ordered it in July. My 2002 I ordered in august and it came Sept 11th. They are taking a little longer this year... anyone else feeling me here?
:D My dealer just informed me that mine will be built next week too!
Of course I should get mine here in Texas much sooner being so close
to Mexico (he said wishfully). Ordered it Aug 22. Hoping to get it
by the end of September. This waiting around is for the birds! :(

Good luck with everyone's new Av. Can't wait for mine.

Happy Trails,
Congrats on your new Av...the worst part is the wait..but once you get it you can let lose with the laundry list of mods....welcome...and enjoy.. :B:
Best things come to those who wait ;D

I know how long you've been thinking and planning this all out, and soon it will all be worth it.

Just think how busy modding you're going to be though when it finally comes, cause I know you've been piling them up already >:D
midlifecrisis said:
Isn't that a 2500 in the pic? ?Did you order a 1500 or 2500?

Hey, you may be right, the picture may be a 2500.
Hey do you tell?

I ordered the 1500.

I was just thinking, since this is the end of my supposed build week, my Supermobile must actually exist now!

Might be here in as little as ten days. 9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2, Supermobile Landing Day!!!!!!!!!!!

Another sign is the fact that the 2500 don't have the claddless option if I'm not mistaken....you will like the cladding or else!... ;D :B:
As a red AV owner.....I can say you made a good choice. That dark cladding will look sweet!

Of course....I would not turn down that Black 2003 Z71 AV with leather I saw on the dealer's lot the other day. ONly wanted $41k for it. :D: