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Remaining 2002's, What's The Deal?


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Jun 18, 2002
Fairview, TN
My wife and I have been kicking around the idea again of getting her another vehicle and she wants something big. You just can't beat the value of an AV, so...we're looking. We will be getting the GMS price, less $1000 GM loyalty, less $500 GM Card Credit, less $3000 rebate. Now, that makes a 2003 $41k AV get a little more reasonable, but I still want to do better.
There's a local dealer who's online inventory still shows that they have 14 2002 AV's. My questions:

1) Is there some special deal on the 2002's, if so I need some backup.

2) Are the rebates good on 2002's? What I've seen mentions 2003's.

3) Anyone see any upside/downside to getting a 2002 at this point? We're not too worried about cladding color or a Bose, plus I know some of the little tricks (thanks to the club and some practical experience) for the 2002's.

Any help will be greatly appreciated. If we're going to do this, it will likely be by the end of this month...tick...tick..tick.
It's hard to believe that they still have 2002's when the 2004 season is only 6 months away. ?I'm guessing they would be *REALLY* keen to get rid of them.... which is of course what you are hoping.

In my opinion, the 03 AVs are a step up in features- DIC, bussed electrical, and a better (fresher) interior design. I'd go for the 03 unless they are going to save you lots of $$$ on the 02. Also remember, your resale value will be lower with an 02 compared to an 03. So the savings should be significant!

ask for the invoice price, or at least $500.000 under invoice. The dealer still makes money @ 500.00 under invoice. I bought my 02 in march of 02 and i got it for $500 under invoice. You can find out the invoice price at kbb.com. GOOD LUCK
The Chevrolet website indicates that it's valid on 2002s also. "Must take delivery by 3/31/03". BTW, if you like/want to haggle for a better price then don't even mention GMSD price. If you want a good no-haggle price (there is no negotiaton of GMSD) then go for it. That was my preference. Then the only negotiation was on my trade.
If you can get the 2002 at a fantstic price than go with it, otherwise I would wait for all the new Bells in Whistles coming out in the 04's
If the hit you take for immediately having a vehicle more than a yr. old isn't a concern I'd go for the '02. BUT, it all depends on how big the price difference is. Actually you should be able to do better than GM Supplier Discount on an '02. BTW, the GMSD price is now right on the Invoice.